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RV Roots Vacuum Pump

RV Roots Vacuum Pumps can be used as boosters combined with backing pump Of a rotary vane vacuum pump,dry vacuum pump,or a liquid ring vacuum pump. The comprehensive range (pumping speeds ranging from 100 to 12000 m 3 / h) allows every customer to select the right pump for his particular needs.

solar energy, semiconductor production, Vacuum coating, pharmaceutica, Metallurgy, Laser technology ,Vacuum packaging,freeze drying, electrical engineering,mechanical engineering,automotive industry.


Built-in overflow valve, when the inlet and outlet pressure exceeds its weight,
the valve will automatically open, to prevent overload.
Combined with water cooling inside the pump and air cooling with heat sinks on the surface of pump , cooling system optimization.
Rotor from the high-precision CNC machining, and do a balance check
NSK high-precision bearings
High-precision helical
Dual exhaust, low exhaust port or side exhaust port
Smooth running, low vibration, low noise