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Environmental protection and Longer maintenance intervals

Dry scroll vacuum pumps adopting the latest international vacuum technology is designed to meet requirements of the industry ,the environment and the human labor it represent the future direction of developing vacuum . They are being used in all areas of vacuum engineering such as industrial production and research applications . They may be used to generate a rough and medium vacuum . they can get dry clean vacuum , they do not need oil and water,also not make pollution , they can save energy consumption and reduce exhaust .they can recycle using gas . they have longer maintenance intervals.
APPLLICATIONS: Dry scroll vacuum pump is ideal for any application where oil contamination is unacceptable and for non-corrosive applications where high performance dry pumping is required.Dry scroll vacuum pump widely used in medical instruments, analysis instruments, biological products and pharmaceutical preparation , food and medicine packaging. gasline vapour recycle,film preparation,high science engineering and chemical analysis , semiconductor , micro-electronics , solar energy , deal with materials. industrial and R&D labs ect.
ADVANTAGES: environmental protection , no-oil (oil free)and no-water , non-pollution ,
get dry clean vacuum
longer maintenance intervals
simple operation,
low energy consumption
pumping gases including lots of water vapor or condensable gases
the gases pumped can be recycled using.
compact, easy installation and moving,
air-cooled,no water,
low voice and libration,
operating pressures from atmospheric pressure to ultimate pressure.
oil free vacuum pump